On our 400+ hectare farm in the Marble Hall area of the Loskop Valley, Limpopo Province, South Africa, The Piet Engelbrecht Trust grows a wide range of citrus fruit varieties and cultivars. These citrus fruits which are marketed to both our local South African market and international clients, include oranges, lemons, mandarins and kumquats.

Take a look at the delicious cultivars we have available.

The Navel Orange

Navels are the earliest maturing of the orange citrus fruit varieties, producing seedless fruit of a larger size than most others, with deep orange, easily peeled rinds, and a sweet and pleasant flavour.

Bahianinha Navel

This mid maturing navel orange is smaller and slightly oval-shaped with a closed navel and a thinner rind. It’s less inclined to alternate bearing seasons and produces fruit more consistently than other navel varieties.

Palmer Navel

This mid maturing navel orange is the standard navel variety in South Africa. It is deep orange in colour, has a lovely firm flesh and is wonderfully juicy and rich in flavour.

Cara Cara Navel

This red fleshed navel orange is medium to large in size. The pulp is tender and the flavour rich with good acidity retained later in the season.

The Common Orange

The more popular common orange cultivars and those we have chosen for both processing and for eating out-of-hand include:

Valencia Orange

The size of the fruit is medium to large with a roundish-oblong shape. The rind, which is thin, moderately smooth though sometimes slightly pebbled, is of a rich colour. This cultivar is easy to peel when fully mature, to reveal a deeply coloured flesh and solid flavor.

Delta Valencia Orange

From South African origin, the Delta is similar to other Valencias but slightly more erect in shape. It is also a more prolific producer than the standard Valencia and often matures early in the season. With slightly larger fruit, this orange is of good quality, is virtually seedless and has an attractive, smooth rind.

Midknight Valencia Orange

Also from South African origin, the main characteristics of this fruit is the exceptionally high juice percentage, better flavor, near seedlessness and significantly larger fruit size. These oranges mature at same time as most Valencias.

Lavelle Orange

The Lavelle is a new orange cultivar which shares many similarities with the Midknight Valencia, such as a high juice content, a delicious sweet flavor and virtually seedless fruit. This citrus fruit matures later in the season than most other cultivars.

The Lemon

Lemon trees grow vigorously and become large if not pruned. Unlike other citrus species which normally bloom just once a year, lemons will produce a series of flowering flushes throughout the season.

Eureka Lemon

Eureka is the most widely grown lemon cultivar. This citrus fruit is popular because although the overall size of the fruit is smaller, it boasts a thinner rind than other cultivars, as well as a higher juice content and acidity level. The Eureka lemons usually have a slight neck and a short nipple. The rind is yellow at maturity, has sunken oil glands, and is slightly textured. Seeds are few, rarely more than five, and often the fruit is seedless.

The Easy Peelers

Mandarin trees and their hybrids are usually the most cold-resistant of all commercially grown citrus fruits. The Mandarin has a wide range of adaptability and is grown under desert, semi-tropical and sub-tropical Mediterranean climatic conditions.

Nova Mandarin

The fruit of this cultivar is medium-large for a mandarin, but the rind colour is a more attractive reddish-orange. Nova’s internal quality is extremely high. The colour is deep orange, and the segments are very juicy and tender with a fine sweet flavour. The Nova peels somewhat poorly but is excellent for eating and contains few seeds.

Empress Mandarin

This new cultivar of Mandarins is highly coloured and has a moderate number of seeds. Although this citrus fruit is not as easy to peel as other cultivars, it has a particularly low acid content and is wonderfully juicy and very sweet.


The size of the Nadorcott fruit size is larger than Clementines and Nova. A rind colour of deep red-orange, together with a slightly pink albedo, is a distinguishing characteristic of Nadorcott.

Valley Gold

The fruit of the Valley Gold Mandarin is a small to medium size citrus fruit which is easy to peel. This citrus fruit is juicy with a good flavour and dark orange flesh.

The Kumquat

Although this citrus fruit closely resembles the orange, it is much smaller is size. The fruit can be eaten whole as the peel has a sweet flavor, with the fruit moderately more sour. The kumquat is used primarily for the production of marmalades and jellies.

Nagami or Oval Kumquat

The fruit of the Kumquat is oval in shape and slightly wider at the stylar-end. The size of each fruit varies with weight ranges from approximately 5 to 20g each. The rind is smooth, well colored and the rind oil has a slightly more pronounced flavour than other citrus fruit varieties.