Established in 1956, The Piet Engelbrecht Trust is a grower, marketer and exporter of premium quality, fresh citrus fruits.  

Situated in the Marble Hall area of the Limpopo Province in South Africa, the main crop on our 400+ hectare farm expanded in the 1980’s to include oranges and then once again in 1995, to include lemons.

Today we offer a wide range of citrus fruits and are continually seeking out new citrus fruit varieties and cultivars to add to our selection.

Our Cultivars

We start the season off with Lemons in early April, followed by our Mandarins, Navels, Kumquats and finally our Valencias.

Our navel cultivars include the Bahianinha, Palmer and Cara Cara, while our common orange cultivars include the Valencia, Delta Valencia, Midknight Valencia and the Lavelle.

We also grow Eureka Lemons and a variety of Mandarins including the Nova, Empress, Nadorcott and Valley Gold.

Lastly, we produce the Naqami, or oval Kumquat.

Take a look at more information regarding our cultivars HERE
Our Facilities

Apart from our orchards, we process and package all our citrus fruits right here on the farm. With our international standard pack-houses and cold rooms, we are able to handle over 200 Tons of citrus fruit per day.

Our Clients

The Piet Engelbrecht Trust provides citrus fruit to both the South African and international market under the respected brand name of Piet Citrus.

In South Africa, we have well established agreements in place to supply local supermarket chains, and also supply various sub-Saharan clients. Our international export division distributes our oranges and lemons to Europe, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Middle East and the Far East.

Our Team

About 300 workers are permanently employed at Piet Engelbrecht Trust. An extra 1200 workers are employed during the picking season since this is the most important part of the production cycle for the citrus industry.

Empowerment Projects

The Piet Engelbrecht Trust assists previously disadvantaged individuals through an empowerment project aimed at upskilling these individuals in the agricultural industry.

The Kopano project based in the Sekhukhune district, Limpopo. At the Kopano Project, we have planted soya beans on irrigated land.

We not only provide the necessary requirements as a start-up for emerging farmers, but provide them with ongoing support and advice which will enable them to become fully independent, self-sustainable and successful farmers.

In addition to expertise in all aspects of farming which extends beyond simply planting and harvesting crops, we also teach the beneficiaries of the project to manage their entre business, including finances, forecasting, planning and marketing.