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We regularly add new options to the citrus fruit cultivars we supply

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The beautiful Marble Hall area, situated in the Loskop Valley, Limpopo, South Africa, is world renowned for its premium quality citrus fruit. Nestled in this valley, is the Piet Engelbrecht Trust, a key grower, marketer and exporter of some of the best quality citrus fruit that South Africa has to offer.

Our Varieties

Citrus fruit varieties which are grown by us include several cultivars of the Navel Orange, Valencia Orange, Lemon, Mandarin, Clementine, and Kumquat.

Our Cultivars

We are continually researching new cultivars of citrus fruit and adding the best of these to our growing range.

Our Reputation

We have built a reputation among our customers for truly exceptional standards of service and the reliable delivery of our export quality citrus fruit.

Our Innovations

Using the most modern technologies on our farms, our citrus farming team is constantly perfecting our growing techniques and post-harvest practices to provide the best citrus fruit to our customers.


In addition to providing fruit aligned to the most stringent international standards of health and safety, the Piet Engelbrecht Trust is committed to ensuring our farming practices are sustainable on all fronts. From protecting the welfare of our workers and supporting initiatives that uplift previously disadvantaged individuals, to incorporating modern, more environmentally sustainable farming methods – we’re actively farming for the future.